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Parking near Reef Fleet Terminal

Updated: 23-May-2018

There are a number of private Car Parks close to the Reef Fleet Terminal.

Hilton Cairns International Public Parking:  It is possible park in the public undercover secure car park under the Hilton International for $10/day.  This is a small Car Park so there may not be space.  If you are only needing parking for one day for a reef trip you can put $10 in coins into the parking meter on exit.  If you are staying overnight at an Island and need overnight or extended parking you will need to go to the Hilton reception before departing on the ferry.   Pre-pay for your parking and the reception provides you with a receipt that must be folded in such a way inside your vehicle on the dashboard displaying the pre-paid dates easily visible to security.  Security is tight and this must be displayed.  6 minute walk to Reef Fleet Terminal.

The Pier, Shangri-La Parking:  This undercover secure Car Park is large and very close to the Reef Fleet Terminal.  Rates vary depending on the number of hours you spend but on average are $15/day.  An overnight stay where you depart in the morning and return the following afternoon is about $40.  There is a ticket machine here and you pay just before hopping into your car to depart.  5 minute walk to Reef Fleet Terminal.

Car Parking at the Cruise Liner Terminal is available for long term use.  It is $10/day and can be for up to 10 days.  There are on-site ticket machines.  This is an outdoor carpark and is a 5 minute walk from the Reef Fleet Terminal.  It is suitable for high vehicles such as campervans and 4WD’s.  Entry for this Car Park is from either the corner of Wharf and Lake Streets or the corner of Wharf and Abbott Streets.   7 minute walk to Reef Fleet Terminal.

There is not extended time free parking in Cairns City.  There are some areas that offer free parking for up to 3 hours during some time periods.  Parking is regulated and is $1.40/hour. 

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