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Reef for Non-Swimmers

Updated: 05-Feb-2014

Non-Swimmers Non-swimmers can enjoy a visit to the Great Barrier Reef. Great Adventures Outer Barrier Reef, Quicksilver Outer Barrier Reef and Sunlover Cruises offer Outer Barrier Reef Pontoon/Platform trips that features an Outer Reef Platform that is like a man-made island at the Outer Reef. Generally these feature undercover areas, sunny areas, tables and chairs, change rooms and all essential comforts for your day. From these platforms there is a semi-submersible coral viewing tour (20-25 minute tour) and underwater observatory. Reef Magic Cruises also offers a glass bottom boat tour (20 minute tour). These tours are included in the cost of the daytrip. There is also an Informative Reef talk. All tours to the Outer Reef include lunch. Quicksilver, Great Adventures and Reef Magic also include morning and afternoon tea. All tours include snorkelling gear and floatation devices such as noodles and life jackets. There is also a life saver on duty and the area where people are able to swim is marked with floating rope and buoys. If you prefer to be on solid ground a very popular Inner Reef destination is Green Island. From here you can see the reef by taking a glass bottom boat tour (20-25 minute tour) however the reef is not quite as spectacular at the Inner Reef as it is at the Outer Reef. There is also a self-guided island walk. Green Island is a very pretty island and if you book your tour with Great Adventures you will have free entry into the island pool. Seawalker helmet diving tour on Green Island is an option for non-swimmers who would like to see the reef underwater. Sometimes people who cannot swim decide to book an Outer Reef tour without a platform as these tours are generally cheaper due to less infrastructure. Please make sure there is a glass bottom boat tour included in the day as it is not possible to see the beautiful colours of the reef or the fish from above the water.

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