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Sunday Afternoon Jazz

Updated: 23-May-2013

Sunday Afternoon Jazz:
You can enjoy a free entry Sunday Afternoon Jazz from the 1920s -1930's - 40's - 50's - 60's influences of Swing and the Bebop era over a tasteful mix of old favorites covering a cocktail of golden oldies in a salon mix of yesterdays memories.

North side: On the second Sunday of every month, take in the sea air at the Beachfront Jazz at Ellis Beach Bar & Grill.  This is a 25 minute drive north of the city.  This regular Ellis Beach sea breeze gig is on the Second Sunday of every month, with the "Suave Swing Combo".

Generally commences as a quartet as a starting point providing an ample platform for lots of additional front line vocals, strings, reeds and brass to sit in blowing out into a ten or more piece line up on stage.  This very popular Sunday afternoon entertainment is suitable for all ages.

South side: at the "Mountain View Hotel" kick back over lunch at this regular easy access gig, it's on the First Sunday of every month with "The Mountain View Quartet" at this classic icon known as a FNQ treasure for locals, interstate and international visitors.

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