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Kuranda Heritage Markets

Updated: 04-Jan-2008

Come and enjoy the market in the rainforest!

Kuranda Village is famous for arts and crafts and indigenous artefacts and the excellent attractions of the Butterfly Sanctuary, Koala Gardens, Birdworld and the Aviary, to name but a few...

The original Kuranda markets are held Wednesdays, Thursdays, Friday and Sunday. The Kuranda Heritage markets are open daily from 9am to 3pm.

Attractions at the Kuranda Heritage Markets include:

Souvenirs - from toys to well-priced opals, boomerangs, Authentic and locally painted Didgeridoos with free lessons available for everyone.

Local Art & Crafts - from timber to precious metals, jewellery, fashion garments to puzzles.

Food & Drinks - snacks, sit-down meals, Thai noodles, tasty vegetarian, tropical beer garden.

Entertainment - from the extreme to the cultural, organised or just happening! 
While at the Kuranda Heritage Markets you can also enjoy the incredible BirdWorld with over 80 species of brilliant Australian birds (including Cassowary) and exotic species from rainforests around the world.

Just a short walk away is the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, the largest butterfly enclosure in Australia with over 2000 tropical butterflies. And for the full wildlife in the rainforest experience, visit the Koala Gardens, where you can see an assortment of Australian animals in their natural surroundings.

Where: Kuranda Village
When: Everyday
Time: 9am - 3pm


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