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Copperlode Dam | Lake Morris

Updated: 11-Jul-2013

Copperlode Dam or Lake Morris is located 20 minutes drive west from Cairns City.  Head west along Reservoir Rd. heading towards Brinsmead, turn off at the tourist information sign "Copperlode Dam" 16 km.  Follow Lake Morris Rd. up the mountains.  The road climbs along the face of Whitfield Range and passes through various types of landscape including pristine rainforest. 

Vehicle size limits apply on this road (no caravans or coaches).  Always be aware of cyclists.  This is a very popular cycling route with the local cycling community and we have a 'share the road' policy in North Queensland.  Please be careful. 

There is an excellent lookout on the way up the mountain with spectacular 180 degree views of Cairns City & Inlet. 

Once at Lake Morris you will find a beautiful lake within a lush rainforest setting.  Facilities open 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm.  The kiosk is open from Tuesday to Sunday 8am to 3pm.  Take a picnic or use the gas and wood BBQ's.  There are rainforest walks, disabled access toilets and picnic grounds.  You will also find a coffee shop and information display and viewing deck.  Ideal for a family picnic.

Boating and swimming in the dam are prohibited as the water is for human consumption. 

This beautiful dam is a freshwater reservoir servicing the city of Cairns.  The dam was completed in 1976 at an approximate cost of $6,400,000.  Additional water supply is now provided from Behana Creek with investigations into another water supply for Cairns' increasing population in progress. 

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