Scuba Diving from Port Douglas

Our tropical climate lends itself as a fantastic destination for scuba diving year round, with excellent visability usually between 15-20 metres and water temperatures ranging from 24C to 30C. There are a number of reef cruises departing from Port Douglas daily that specialise in scuba diving. The advantage of choosing a fast catamaran trip is that you can travel further and faster, so your day is maximised with the best reef experience and more time to enjoy in water activities.

The Agincourt Reef system is one of the best known of all the reefs accessible from Port Douglas. It comprises of four separate reefs commonly referred to as the ribbon reefs due to its long narrow structure. The Agincourt Reef group is located close to the continental shelf; clear oceanic waters flush through the reefs creating the most spectacular coral gardens and attracting a huge variety of marine life. These pristine reefs provide the best possible snorkelling and diving opportunities. Reef operators have roaming permits which allow them to visit anywhere up to 45 different reef sites at 16 different reef locations. These roaming permits enable the vessels to visit 3 sites daily from a wide selection of reef sites best suited to the conditions of the day. All water activities are conducted from the vessel, with large hydraulic platforms enabling easy water access, as close to the reef as possible. All diving is guided by qualified Dive Masters/Instructors in small groups, and lunch is included in the day. Agincourt Reefs are classified by GBRMPA for "Intensive" use which means unlimited daily passengers. There are 70 mooring sites, 3 pontoon sites and 3 approved helicopter landing pads.


Introductory Diving

For those who are curious about giving scuba diving a try, then an Introductory dive is the first step. It requires no previous diving experience, all equipment and tuition is provided, and your dive instructor will be with you at all times throughout the dive. A qualified PADI Dive Instructor will take you through a Discover Scuba Diving Brief highlighting all safety procedures and skills. Once at the reef, you will practice your skills both on the boat and in the water before being taken on a 30-40 minute dive with your instructor to explore the spectacular coral reefs, and abundant marine life. Group sizes are a maximum of 4 divers to 1 instructor, providing you with personalised attention and assurance. Minimum age for scuba diving is 12 years. Some medical conditions may prevent diving, for example, asthma or respiratory conditions, heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes and certain medications. Diving is subject to medical questionnaire. After your dive experience, you’ll get a PADI Certificate as a memento of your underwater adventure. This certificate is not a qualification - it is simply a memento of one of the best experiences of your life!


Certified Diving

Most trips allow certified divers to take up to 3 certified dives in a day. Dive sites are selected according to tidal, weather and visibility conditions on the day. Typical types of dives include drift, wall, bommie, pinnacle, ledge and swim-throughs. The Great Barrier Reef is generally not a deep dive destination as coral relies on sunlight for growth, so most of the best diving can be done in shallow areas around 12 to 18 metres in depth. You can choose to hire all equipment or just tanks and weights and bring your own gear along. All dives are fully guided by expert dive crew who have an intimate knowledge of our reef systems, to ensure you receive the best dive experience possible.