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Tour Specials!

Sailaway Low Isles Coral Cay


*Morning Tea with pastries
*Alfresco gourmet lunch
*Afternoon Tea with fruit platters & cakes
*Glass Bottom Boat tour
*Return hotel transfers
FROM $254.50 Per Adult
Travel between now and 31/March/2018

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Barron River Rafting - FF
Barron River Rafting 2 hours of rafting Grade 3 rapids in the Barron Gorge National Park. All tuition provided.


*Includes Port Douglas hotel transfers
*Pick-up 1.15pm
*Return 6.30pm
FROM $138 Per Person
*Includes National Park Fees
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

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Daintree & Cassowary Falls
Daintree Discovery Tours Be a part of a small group involving adventure with no crowds. Daintree river cruise followed by a "safari" out to the beautiful Cassowary falls.


- Cassowary Falls for a swim
- Daintree Croc Cruise
- Devonshire Morning Tea
FROM $95 Per Person
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

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Silversonic Explore 3 outer edge reef locations at Agincourt Ribbon Reef in superb style and comfort. Enjoy over 5 hours exploring the delights of this underwater world.


* Swim with Whales (if encountered)
* Ultra modern Catamaran
* Fastest vessel to the reef
* Super smooth
* 3 of the best reef locations
* 5 hours of actual reef time
* Permit to swim with whales
FROM $238 Per Adult
Silversonic has one of very few permits allowing you to swim with Minke Whales if they are encountered.
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

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Quicksilver Pontoon
Quicksilver Outer Reef combines an unforgettable Outer Reef cruise to Agincourt Ribbon Reef including a thrilling 10 minute Scenic Reef Flight


FROM $399 Per Adult
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

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Quicksilver Pontoon

Famous Outer Barrier Reef Cruise
  • Stunning Reef Location
  • Great For All Ages!
Based on 229 ratings

Quicksilver takes you to Agincourt Reef, a magnificent ribbon reef where you can snorkel, dive or stay dry and explore the stunning reef from the comfort of a Quicksilver semi-sub. Watch the fish feeding from Quicksilver's unique underwater observatory, or fly in a helicopter over the reef. ...more info

Wavedancer Low Isles

Sailing Catamaran to Low Isles
  • Glass bottom boat, Turtle Haven
  • Idyllic Island, Tropical lunch
Based on 172 ratings

Wavedancer's day trip to Low Isles offers everything you can dream of in a tropical island paradise.  From the moment your luxury catamaran moors in the calm waters of the island's picturesque lagoon, a host of reef activities awaits you. ...more info

Poseidon Cruises

Outer Reef Adventure
  • 3 Spectacular Reef Sites
  • Snorkelling & Certified Diving
Based on 48 ratings

Enjoy the freedom of snorkelling and scuba diving at the very best outer reef sites on the Great Barrier Reef...  Poseidon visits 3 reef sites daily and departs from Port Douglas.  Transfers from Cairns and Northern Beaches are available.  The Ultimate Reef Adventure! ...more info

Quicksilver Helicopters

Ultimate Scenic Heli & Agincourt Reef
  • Magnificent Heli Flight
  • Outer Reef Coral Viewing & Snorkelling
Based on 8 ratings

Experience nature's finest from the air with Quicksilver Helicopters.  Be exhilarated as you fly over the vivid blue waters of the Great Barrier Reef.  Agincourt Reef is consistently showing the best clarity and you will experience superb coral gardens on this spectacular reef.  ...more info


Outer Barrier Reef Trip
  • Visit 3 reef locations
  • 5 hours at the reef
Based on 45 ratings

Silversonic is a super smooth and fast ultra modern catamaran.  Explore three excellent outer edge reef locations at Agincourt ribbon reef in superb style and purpose designed dive & snorkel facilities.  This trip departs Port Douglas daily with transfers available....more info

Calypso Snorkel & Dive

Visit 3 Reef Sites
  • Port Douglas hotel transfers
  • Guided snorkel tour
Based on 20 ratings

Calypso travels daily from Port Douglas to the outer Great Barrier Reef, visiting three spectacular sites, each showcasing the diversity of marine life. Catering for domestic and international guests, apprehensive snorkellers to the avid diver, the team on Calypso will ensure a safe and memorable day for all...more info

Sailaway Low Isles Coral Cay

Sail to the Low Isles Full Day Tour
  • Snorkel, Glass Bottom Boat, Gourmet Lunch
  • Perfect for all ages-5 hrs Low Isles
Based on 88 ratings

Sailaway IV is a luxury catamaran, carrying small numbers.  Sail to the Low Isles, a beautiful secluded small coral cay island on the Great Barrier Reef complete with blue lagoon, white sandy beaches and coconut palms.  Enjoy personalised attention, freshly brewed coffee and muffins in the morning, a gourmet lunch and afternoon tea.  All snorkelling equipment, glass bottom boat and courtesy Port Douglas transfers included.  ...more info

Sandy Cay Brunch - Romantic!

Private Sandy Cay Brunch
  • Private tropical paradise
  • Relax, Swim, Snorkel, Indulge
Based on 1 ratings

Solitary Sand Cay - Your very own desert island in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef.  Perfect for marriage proposals, anniversaries or a very special treat because life is for living!...more info

NEW Sailaway Afternoon Tour

Relax on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Late 1pm Departure | 2.5 hrs at Low Isles
  • New Snorkelling & Sunset Sail
Based on 6 ratings

LOW ISLES Sailaway Afternoon Tour offers a late start departing Port Douglas at 1pm and returning to Port Douglas at 6.30pm.  Guided snorkel tour, glass bottom boat tour, island exploring and walks are included.  Relax and enjoy being the only visitors on the island at this time.  Spectacular sunset over the Coral Sea and views of the Daintree mountains on your sail home.   Complimentary afternoon tea and delicious canapes and beverage on sail home.  Also perfect for non-swimmers....more info

Ultimate 3 Day Reef Pass

Ultimate 3 Day Reef Pass
  • 3 Reef Tours for Price of 2
  • Cairns and Port Douglas
Based on 3 ratings

The 3 Day Ultimate Reef Pass is designed to help you fully experience the sheer magnitude and diversity of the Great Barrier Reef. One trip to the Great Barrier Reef is an awakening. Fully immerse yourself in three different reef experiences, and, it is quite simply, an extraordinary adventure of a lifetime. With the 3 Day Ultimate Reef Pass you’ll be able to select any 3 different Great Barrier Reef experiences with Quicksilver and Great Adventures from Cairns or Port Douglas....more info


Outer Reef Snorkelling Cruise
  • Small numbers of passengers
  • Dedicated snorkel trip
Based on 6 ratings

Wavelength Reef Snorkelling Cruise visits three snorkelling sites in one day. The aim is to vary the reef sites so as to show off the amazing diversity of the Great Barrier Reef....more info

Calypso Pure Snorkel

Unique & Personalised snorkelling
  • Guided Snorkelling Tour
  • Visit 3 reef sites
Based on 22 ratings

Calypso snorkel travels daily to the Great Barrier Reef with a maximum of only 38 guests....more info

Aquarius Sail & Snorkel

Luxury sailing to Low Isles
  • Low Isles Sail & Snorkel
  • Glass bottom boat tour
Based on 1 ratings

Aquarius Low Isles Port Douglas - Experience the ultimate in luxury sailing and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef with an Aquarius reef cruise from Port Douglas to Low Isles....more info

Ultimate Romantic Day!

Hot Air Balloon & pretty Low Isles
  • Spectacular morning Balloon flight
  • Glass bottom boat, Turtle Haven, lunch

Ultimate Romantic Ballooning & Low Isles in one day!   Combine the romance of sailing to idyllic Low Isles on the Great Barrier Reef with the romance of hot air ballooning over the picturesque Atherton Tablelands!  Return hotel transfers from Cairns & Port Douglas..

...more info

Hot Air & Quicksilver

1 Amazing day Ballooning & Quicksilver
  • 30 Minute Hot Air Balloon Flight
  • Famous Quicksilver Outer Reef Pontoon
Based on 1 ratings

Ballooning & Quicksilver Outer Reef Experience:  For two spectacular “must do” experiences all in one amazing day, marvel in the romance of hot air ballooning then continue your adventure as you cruise to the edge of Australia’s Continental Shelf to Agincourt Reef with Quicksilver, Australia’s most awarded Reef Cruise......more info

3 Day Ultimate Reef Pass

  • 3 Reef Tours for Price of 2
  • Depart from Cairns or Port Douglas
Based on 7 ratings

The 3 Day Ultimate Reef Pass is designed to help you fully experience the sheer magnitude and diversity of the Great Barrier Reef. One trip to the Great Barrier Reef is an awakening. Fully immerse yourself in three different reef experiences, and, it is quite simply, an extraordinary adventure of a lifetime. ...more info
Viewing 1 to 16 of 16 tours
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Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is a series of over 2,900 individual reefs, stretching from the tip of Cape York in the north to Lady Elliott Island in the south and covering over 348 000 km2. It comprises of fringing and barrier reefs, continental islands, coral cays and 70 different bio-regions, making it the most ecologically diverse system in the world. Port Douglas and Cooktown is renowned for its beautiful coral cays and islands, and for the close proximity to spectacular outer edge reefs. Accessible to everyone, there are a variety of ways to view the reef; whether you are young and old, swimmer or non-swimmer, everyone has the opportunity to marvel at the magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef.


Agincourt Reef

Agincourt Reef lies 39 nautical miles [72 kilometres] off the coast of Port Douglas on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef. This spectacular reef system comprises of a series of many smaller reefs known as the 'ribbon reefs' which run parallel to the Continental Shelf. The Agincourt Reef group is continually flushed by clear oceanic waters from the Coral Sea, which make for the best possible snorkelling and diving opportunities. Coral thrives in this clear water, creating spectacular gardens and a huge variety of marine life. Channels offer interesting swim-throughs and caves, whilst majestic bommies attract pelagic fish where they gather to feed. Agincourt Reef is located 72km NE of Port Douglas, opposite the Daintree Rainforest. Travelling time aboard a wavepiercer catamaran from Port Douglas takes 90 minutes. The warm waters of Tropical North Queensland range in temperature from 22-29 Celsius (75-85 Fahrenheit), which makes for year round comfort for in-water activities.


Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is easily accessible with many sections rising in rich, colourful beauty to just a few metres below the surface. The tropical waters and protected reefs provide perfect conditions for novice snorkellers. Snorkelling is great fun, easy to learn and accessible to anyone young or old - it's an enjoyable way to get the whole family involved! Snorkelling requires no special training, only the ability to swim and to breathe through the snorkel.

Equipment is provided onboard your reef cruise with most day trips offering full instruction and an included guided tour. You don't have to swim too far to view the coral as in most cases the reef is right there as soon as you push off into the water. Sometimes large resting buoys are placed short distances from each other so you can snorkel from float to float and rest when you need to. Or if you are still a little apprehensive, some companies offer life jackets and 'noodle' floats designed to give you extra buoyancy, then all you have to do is kick and gaze at the underwater world. You will witness just as much snorkelling as you would scuba diving, with spectacular shallow coral gardens hiding just under the surface.

Find out more:
Calypso Pure Snorkel
Quicksilver Pontoon - Outer Reef Cruise
Aquarius Sail & Snorkel - Low Isles


Swimming with Minke Whales

Dwarf minke whales visit the northern Great Barrier Reef each Australian winter. There are only a few Great Barrier Reef operators with permits allowing guests to swim with dwarf minke whales – so this is a truly special experience. July to September is the peak season to encounter these inquisitive creatures as they frequent the Agincourt Ribbon Reefs.

Minke whales are one of the smallest species of baleen whales and grow to nearly 9 metres long and about 10 tonnes in weight. These curious and friendly whales have attracted attention because they are naturally inquisitive, and often approach boats, divers and snorkellers closely, sometimes interacting for extended periods. These encounters, whilst never guaranteed, are frequent during our winter months. Swimmers in groups of ten are sent out along a floating line once whales have been seen near the boat. No weight belts, scuba gear or flash photography is permitted. By following this passive approach, invariably the whales swim close to the swimmers to satisfy their own curiosity, often staying close by for over an hour until the boat finally has to move on to the next site.

The voluntary approach to the vessel and swimmers by minke whales creates a magical and safe encounter, whereby the whales are in actually control as they decide how long and close they interact and swim with guests.

Find out more:
Poseidon Cruises - swim with Dwarf minke whales
Silversonic - Minke whale encounters


Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef

Scuba Diving offers an awesome oppotunity to explore further into an underwater world teeming with exotic marinelife, bommies, coral canyons, walls and much more. From the novice to the most experienced diver, there are reef trips that will accommodate your level of experience. Choose from a one day outer reef adventure or take part in an extended dive expedition.

Find out more:
Silver Sonic Outer Reef Cruise
Poseidon Cruises - Oure Reef Adventure
Calypso Snorkel & Dive


Introductory Diving

Introductory Diving allows you the opportunity to try a dive without any previous scuba experience. Conducted in small groups under the supervision of an experienced Dive Instructor, introductory diving gives beginners an unforgettable Great Barrier Reef experience. It is a fun, easy, and provides an amazing introduction into the underwater world. The only requirements are that you are over 12 years, pass the on-board medical questionnaire and participate in a 30 minute dive brief.  A highly skilled dive instructor will take you step by step through the whole experience, from the dive briefing lecture, the equipment and the dive, to ensure a safe, comfortable and memorable experience. Your dive experience will generally last around 30 minutes underwater and on completion you will receive a certificate as a memento of your underwater adventure.

Find out more:
Quicksilver Outer Reef Cruise
Poseidon Outer Barrier Reef Cruise
SilverSonic outer barrier reef trip


Certified Diving

Certified Divers will be excited by the range of experiences and magnificent Great Barrier Reef locations to choose from, no two dives are ever the same. Drift and wall dives, bommie and pinnacle, coral gardens and swim throughs are just some of the amazing experiences to expect.

The outer reefs are great for beginner divers. The maximum depth is generally 20 metres. Some of the best dives on the Great Barrier Reef are in less then 18 metres of water. This tends to be where the reef is at its most colourful and full of life. Most day trips offer the opportunity to explore up to 3 reef locations in a day, each site offers a new experience, selected for its unique variety of marine life and corals. All diving is guided by qualified Dive Masters/Instructors, in small groups so you can gain the best experience. Certified dives last approximately 40 minutes or more. With visibility between 15m to 30m and water temperatures of 24C to 30C, it makes for great diving conditions all year round.

Find out more:
SilverSonic Outer Reef Trip
Calypso Dive & Snorkel
Poseidon Outer Reef Adventure


Pontoon Trips

A pontoon is a large stable platform situated at the reef, where a whole multitude of reef activities and adventures take place from. Ideal for swimmers and non-swimmers, families with young children and people prone to sea sickness, as they provide comfort and stability for all wind and weather conditions.

Situated on the very edge of the Great Barrier Reef at Agincourt Reef, Quicksilvers' spacious floating platform is where all the reef activities begin. This dual level platform provides the ultimate in facilities for reef viewing and relaxation. Facilities on the platform include undercover tables and seating, change rooms and freshwater showers, buffet servery, underwater observatory, semi-submersibles, snorkelling platforms, specially designed introductory dive areas and a carpeted sundeck. This is especially handy for families with young children, non-swimmers and disabled passengers as no matter your age or ability, there is an opportunity for everyone to experience the reef in some way. The snorkel platforms provide easy entry into the water, and with fish and corals located directly below, you don't need to swim too far to experience the Great Barrier Reef. All equipment is supplied including lifevests and floatation devices, there are also snorkel rest stations so you can hold on, rest and enjoy the magic of the underwater world.

Find out more:
Quicksilver Pontoon - Outer Barrier Reef Cruise


Fast Catamaran

To maximise your day and reef experience hop onboard a fast catamaran where you'll wizz out to the reef in less than 90 minutes. This means less travel time and more dive/snorkel time. You'll have time to explore three stunning and exclusive reef locations at the renowned Agincourt ribbon reefs. Each ribbon reef is unique in diversity, so by visiting three different environments in the one day, will enable three different types of dive and snorkel experiences. To get the most out of your Great Barrier Reef trip all scuba diving is fully guided, meanwhile snorkellers can opt for a guided snorkel tour with a marine biologist.

Find out more:
Silversonic Outer Reef Cruise
Poseidon Snorkel & Dive
Calypso Cruises


Sailing Trips

Take life at a slower pace on a luxury sailing cruise. Reef sailing cruises allow for plenty of in water activities as well as time for relaxation. Passenger numbers range from small intimate groups of 12 people up to 150 depending on the trip you choose. Generally the inner reefs and Low Isles are visited which makes for a calm and comfortable experience. The Low Isles is a popular sailing destination, situated 15km north-east of Port Douglas, this 4 acre coral cay is surrounded by 55 acres of reef. The corals are very close to the island, which makes snorkelling an easy and enjoyable experience, especially for beginners where you can snorkel directly off the beach. The calm lagoon waters are a popular hang out for turtles, and are a regular sight on the glass bottom boat tours.

Wavedancer, Sailaway and Aquarius offer daily trips to the Low Isles. Wavedancer is more suited to families with spacious decks and a variety of activities included in the day. Aquarius and Sailaway offer intimate trips carrying a maximum of 23-33 passengers, to provide you with a personalised reef experience. Meanwhile Synergy offers the ultimate in luxury carrying a maximum of twelve pampered guests to one of two sites at Tongue Reef, located approximately 20 nautical miles from Port Douglas. This trip is ideal for couples, honeymooners and those wanting an extra special reef experience.

Find out more:
Sailaway Low Isles
Quicksilver Wavedancer Low Isles 
Aquarius Low Isles Sailing
Synergy Reef Sailing


Helicopter Tours

To really get a complete grasp of the sheer magnitude of the Great Barrier Reef, there's only one way to see it and that’s by helicopter. Combine a heli flight with an outer reef cruise and view the reef from above and below in a day, or whilst at the reef, take a scenic helicopter flight and marvel at the beauty and expanse of the turquoise coloured reefs right before your eyes. A ten minute heli flight whilst at the Great Barrier Reef is exciting, you will find yourself immediately immersed in the wonderful sights that appear in every direction as soon as you take off and climb up and away. Look out for turtles, sharks, manta rays and during the months of July to September you might even catch a sighting of humpback whales as they migrate to the Reef's warmer waters. A ten minute helicopter flight is available from Quicksilvers' reef activity platform moored at Agincourt Reef.

Find out more:
Quicksilver Helicopters - Scenic Flights & Fly/Cruise Options


Island Day Trips

The Low Isles was discovered by Captain Cook in 1770 and was scribed in his log as a ‘small low island’. Situated approximately 8 nautical miles north-east of Port Douglas, the Low Isles is approximately 4 acres in size, and is protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority. Low and Woody Islands make up Low Isles which forms a protected lagoon area in between the two islands. Surrounded by coral reef, the calm lagoon area provides a safe and protected snorkelling site, ideal for beginners and children. The calm waters also attract an abundance of marine life including fusiliers, sweet-lip, angelfish and turtles. Day trips are regularly available to the Low Isles catering for couples, families and those looking for a relaxed reef experience. Apart from snorkelling, a variety of activites take place on the island including a guided tour through the 'Heritage Walk', glass bottom boat tours and guided beach walks. There are no facilities on the island - change rooms, toilets and a licenced bar is available onboard your sailing vessel, however there is shade provided by trees and the large thatched umbrellas that line the beach.

Find out more:
Sailaway Low Island
Quicksilver Wavedancer - Low Isles
Aquarius Low Isles


Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Don't feel like you have to miss out if getting wet is not your thing, there are a variety of ways to still view the reef up close without getting wet, including glass bottom boat tours. Glass Bottom Boat tours are ideal for non-swimmers, families with young children and those who would like to see the reef from another perspective. It provides a similar experience to snorkelling as you hover over beautiful coral gardens, giant clams, and schools of colourful reef fish. Glass bottom boat tours are fully guided by a marine biologist to give you the best reef experience. Common things you’ll see are sea turtles, star fish, giant clams, hard and soft varieties of coral, small reef sharks, and all manner of strange and exotic creatures.

Find out more:
Sailaway Low Isles
Aquarius Sail Low Isles
Quicksilver Wavedancer


Semi Sub Tours

A semi submersible provides similar viewing to a glass bottom boat however guests are seated just one metre underwater allowing them to experience a snorkellers-eye view of the marine life without getting wet. They provide an ideal activity for the non-swimmer. The semi submersible tours cruise slowly through colourful coral gardens; the large viewing windows allow guests to view the spectacular coral formations and masses of brilliantly coloured fish up close. The semi-sub experience takes approximately 25 minutes and generally includes an informed commentary on the marine life observed during the journey by a marine naturalist, and an overview of the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef.

Find out more:
Quicksilver Cruises - Outer Barrier Reef 


Ocean Walker

The Ocean Walker Helmert Diving is a unique and fun way of viewing the reef up close. This activity is a great options for non-swimmers, children or older people not sure about trying scuba diving or snorkelling. It can even be a great experience for people with minor disabilities. Breathing fresh air delivered from the surface into your helmet, you can even wear your glasses if you wish. As you walk underwater on a reef platform you can enjoy 360 degree unobstructed views of the underwater world and marine life. Please note, a small medical questionnaire is required to be able to participate and some medical restrictions apply. Minimum age is 12 years. After a short briefing and subject to medical conditions, you will be walking amongst the reef fish and corals! 

Find out more:
Quicksilver Cruises - Outer Barrier Reef Pontoon Trip


Travelling with Children

Visiting the reef for the day is an exciting excursion for kids, and in turn very rewarding for parents to watch their children interact and gain knowledge of this truly educational experience. Pontoon based reef trips are ideal for families with young children, there are many activities to choose from to keep the kids amused for hours. Quicksilvers' Outer Barrier Reef Cruise provides allows you to travel in comfort. The vessel is spacious and the modern reef activity platform is pram friendly featuring undercover seating upstairs and downstairs, change rooms and freshwater showers, an underwater coral viewing observatory, semi-submersible tours, a snorkelling platform, carpeted sunbaking deck and toilets. Families with older children however will love the Outer Reef as the snorkelling is fantastic and the variety of marine life is unsurpassed, the fast catamaran cruises offer the opportunity to snorkel at three different reef locations in a day. Minimum age for introductory diving is 12 years. The Low Isles provides a family friendly day trip with a wide, sandy beach and clear, calm lagoon waters that are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and playing. Other activities include an island walk and glass bottom boat tours. To assist children to obtain the best experience from their day at the Great Barrier Reef, snorkels, masks and fins are available in child sizes, as well as various flotation aids to suit your child’s swimming abilities.

Find out more:
Quicksilver Cruises - Outer Barrier Reef Activity Platform
Poseidon Outer Reef Cruise
Wavedancer Low Isles Sailing


Travelling with a Disability

Having a disability does not restrict access or experiences of the Great Barrier Reef. There are many cruises that can cater for people with limited mobility. The best option is to take a pontoon trip. Generally the catamarans that travel to an outer reef pontoon are larger with wider aisles, have a designated seating area, ramp facilities from vessel to platform, and a wheelchair access toilet. Access to the water, coral viewing vessels, underwater observatory and sundeck may require stairs to be negotiated and a carer to be present. The snorkelling platforms are situated right on the waterline and there are bench seats on the snorkelling platform where you can put on your fins, mask and snorkel before entering the water. For guests confined to a wheelchair, Quicksilvers Agincourt 3 reef platform features a specially designed water powered lift that allows for easy access into the snorkel pool. It is recommended to call and talk through the level of disability so that we can suggest suitability.

Find out more:
Quicksilver Agincourt Reef Activity Platform


Whats Hot!

Ultimate Island & Port Douglas
Warm tropical skies, beautiful coral gardens, sunset drinks in the afternoon, all snorkel gear, luxurious accommodation. You will never want to leave.


FROM $1342 Per Person
SAVE $2235
Travel between now and 31/March/2018

Book NowEnquiry

Quicksilver Reef Holiday
5 NIGHT QUICKSILVER REEF includes accommodation at the Reef Club. Only a 3 minute walk from famous Four Mile Beach and a short stroll to Macrossan Street. Quicksilver is the most famous Outer Barrier Reef trip with excellent snorkelling over superb coral gardens.


-5 nights @ Reef Club
-Self contained apartment
-Quicksilver Outer Reef trip
-Semi-Sub coral viewing
-Underwater observatory
FROM $1559 Per Family
save $932
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

Book NowEnquiry

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Humidity: 75%
Pressure: 1010.1 hpa
Forecast: 24 - 32 °C (Possible shower)

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Whats Hot!

Niramaya Villas & Spa
Secluded Bali Style Villas in Port Douglas! All have Private Plunge Pools & Courtyard Gardens


* 30 metre Lap Pool
* Day Spa
* Tennis court
* On-site restaurant
* Fully equipped kitchen & dining
* 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom villas
FROM $486 Per Night
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

Book NowEnquiry

10 night Tropical Trilogy
Tropical Trilogy Bliss The perfect pamper package; Swim, Snorkel & Explore Rainforest, Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas and Green Island. Premium Resorts - A holiday of elegance and ease..


* 3 nights Silky Oaks Lodge
* 4 nights Sheraton Mirage
* 3 nights Green Island
* Full Breakfast daily
* Outer Barrier Reef trip
* Sunset Sail, Port Douglas
* and many extras..
FROM $1900 Per Adult
SAVE $2747
Travel between now and 31/March/2018

Book NowEnquiry

Qt Port Douglas & Sunset Sail
QT is a chic resort in Port Douglas with Sunset Cruise offering hotel rooms and spacious one and two bedroom apartments with chic designer touches


- Full breakfast daily
- Luxury Sunset Cruise
- Complimentary Wi-Fi
- Swim-up bar, 25m lap pool
- Gym, Retro bikes
FROM $432 Per Adult
Save $696
*Based on 4 night stay in Resort Room

Travel between now and 31/March/2018

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Sheraton, Breakfast & Transfers
Port Douglas Beachfront MAGNIFICENT NEW LOOK


- Sheraton Mirage Resort
- Return airport transfers
- FREE Wi-Fi in lobby
- Full Breakfast daily
FROM $598 Per Adult
Kids to 17 yrs stay FREE
4 night stay, Twin share.
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

Book NowEnquiry

Family Fun Port Douglas
The Family Fun Package offers the best family accommodation, breakfast daily and a beautiful day trip to Low Isles including snorkelling and glass bottom boat. The best value in Port Douglas!


FROM $1874 Per Family
SAVE $1242!
2 Ad & 2 Ch (4-14 yrs)
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

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Quicksilver, Kuranda, Cape Trib
BEST 3 DAY TOUR COMBO ! Expeience the most popular 3 full day tour destinations. Perfect for all ages. Family rates apply.


FROM $564
Premium Tours
SAVE $20
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

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Lady Douglas River Cruise
Lady Douglas River Cruise Kids get to drive the boat! & a Crocodile activity sheet

Complimentary Drink & Nibbles

Morning, Afternoon & Sunset Tours
FROM $35 Per Adult
$90 for 2 adults & 2 children
Travel between now and 31/March/2018

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5 Night Port Beachfront Indulgence
Peninsula Boutique Hotel Unrivalled beachside position, only 2 minutes stroll to Macrossan St.

Luxury couples getaway!

- Return Airport Transfers
- Mossman Gorge
- Daintree River Cruise
- Sailaway Sunset Cruise
- Full Buffet Breakfast Daily
- Daily Room Service
- Free Wi-Fi
- Heated Pool & Spa
FROM $979 Per Person
SAVE $315
*Based on 5 night stay in Pool View suite
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

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7 Night Adventures in Port
**ADVENTURES IN PORT*** 7 nights at Reef Club Port Douglas, stroll to beach, in a self contained apartment


* Outer Reef with Poseidon
* Cape Tribulation day trip
* Cable Ferry-Daintree River
* 1 hr Daintree River Cruise
* Mossman Gorge
FROM $2282 Per Family
2 adults & 2 children
SAVE $874
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

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Villa Exotique
Villa Exotique 3 Bedroom Villa with Plunge pool - 50 metres to Macrossan St. Full size lap pool in complex. Bright relaxed furnishings make this a perfect option for families.


FROM $264 Per Night
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

Book NowEnquiry

Kalimna - Ultimate Luxury Villa
PREMIUM LUXURY VILLA Stunning 270 Degree Views

Privacy & Seclusion

* Up to 5 Bedrooms
* 7 Bathrooms
* 25 metre Infinity Pool
* Breath Taking
* 9 Pavilions
FROM $1200 Per Night
Your very own resort..
Travel between now and 31/March/2017

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Poseidon Reef & Billy Tea Cape Trib
2 Day experiences you can treasure forever!... Choose any two days of your holiday to do these 2 tours. Snorkel with a marine biologist and 4WD on the famous Bloomfield Track.

2 day Option 9

FROM $441 Per Adult

Travel between now and 31/March/2018

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